I want to make traders out of ETers, come in

Discussion in 'Trading' started by APA, May 17, 2008.

  1. APA


    come on guys, don't you think its enough, all those threads with, what is your IQ, what is your personality, how do I control impulses, how do I think like a winner.

    you people are willing to do anything and everything except chart, you are willing to spend countless hours on ET (I don't count cause I graduated) you are willing to talk your ass off.

    But what about charting, what does it even mean to chart

    well take a look at this chart


    granted its a pretty picture, but don't get smacked, ignore the indicators, those are public and worth Jack (although Gnome uses RSI successfully so go figure), anyway look at those daily bars and now ask this question

    how can I make money off those bars

    I KNOW THAT IT CAN BE DONE, it is simply up to me to figure it out

    go do it damn it :)
  2. Comedian! You know very well you'll never get anywhere with conventional TA. The 60's are long gone. You're just baiting.
  3. APA


    I did say ignore the indicators but don't discount those OHLC bars just yet

    besides, I would rather they try and fail than never really try which is what is going on here
  4. epetrov


    Hi APA,
    that is the goal of this thread?
  5. SHORT!!!!
  6. Naa the goal of APA is just another thread to make him feel better about himself using one of his screen names
  7. I have been trying to fathom gold since before your father was born, sonny. It's too complicated. The universe of funny money rates. Short and long term interest rates. Inflation/deflation. Flow of funds. Accumulation/distribution by central banks. Production costs. New finds. New uses. Fads and fancies in far oy-vey places. The price is the price. You like it, you buy. I still have gold I bought at 280-320 in my box. Best advice I can give is buy and hold.
  8. 1. You don't have enough Lower Study indicators.
    2. You don't have enough Upper Study indicators either.
    3. You need some more trendlines.

    How do you expect to make money with this thing? :confused:

  9. epetrov


    Buy and hold might be a good option for gold in long term, but from the picture I'd better look somehow to short the gold.

  10. Where is the most important indicator? Volume!!!
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