I Want To Make Day Trading A Career

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by alicia davis, Mar 26, 2008.

  1. iam one of your average investor i invest some money in a mutual fund in jamaica a few months ago it double so i decide to go back and finish my degree. but i dont want that anymore . i want to be a-stay-at-home-mom (dont have children yet) do you think i can day trade for a living to get all that i want and maintain my children? whats the strategy
  2. Alicia...have you tried the search feature yet? That may be a great place to start as you really need to fully understand what you are getting into. This thread will not likely give you all the answers you seek.

    Your "win" on your mutual fund can prove to be a psychological stumbling block because it is not that easy. That is in no way an example of your future results.

    Good luck to you.
  3. Probably not, to be successful at daytrading you need to put in countless hours in front of the screen, when the markets open and also when its closed, to get to a point where you can make money consistently. For most people, it takes usually at least a full year of learning before things click enough to make consistent money. Having to take care of kids while trying to compete against the best in the world might be too tough to handle.

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    you don't really believe that is a woman,

    this is the newest strategy by noobs to get help and mentoring
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    and it would have worked if it were'nt for you meddling fools.....
  6. Do yourself a huge favour - don't even try. Without a mentor you have a zero chance.

    Try brain surgery - you have perhaps got more background qualifications. The failure rate for daytrading is much higher than medical school.

    With a mentor you might have a chance - steep learning curve, discipline and lots and lots of practice, strong cash reserves and aptitude required.

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  8. LOL ! Thanks for the laugh this morning.
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    The failure rate at medical school is less than 10%. Trading is a "little" higher.
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