I want to like the president I DO. But he is just another murderer.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Real McCoy, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. Obama had actually spearheaded a gruesome legislation that mandated that if a child should be so fortunate as to have SURVIVED being murdered by an abortionist _ that child was to be murdered on the spot!

    Yes America, I know I know. You just can't believe it can you.

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    If that idiot mccain had made an ad about the nurse's story regarding a aborted baby she held for hours because that is the only comfort she can provide for him/her and because the law prevent any medical treatment to a aborted baby, not a "viable fetus" as the commie in the white house called it, we wouldn't have a communist for peeSident.

    Just to be clear i hate mccain but anyone is preferable to that commie.
  3. Maybe with the new health reform all of the old people will be pushed into gas chambers with people screaming "Yes we Can"!
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    American ignorance never ceases to amaze me.
  5. The man is the final Anti-Christ. Then again same could be said for Bush and all the wars and lies.
  6. It is very very simple......."Continuity of Administrations" ensures that you will continue to get Globalist directed minions for your presidents as long as the citizens remain entrapped in the false "left-right" two party paradigm!

    You will continue to receive incremental tyranny and Constitutional erosion day by day with more wars, more death, more deficit spending, more police state, more taxation, more regulation, more abortion, etc, etc, etc...........................and this is ALL because of what the degrading timid and docile citizenry currently ACCEPTS.
  7. Are these your thoughts or a Alex Jones copy paste? :confused:
  8. These are the realities that I have seen DIRECTLY in my life since my millitary service which started in the 80's. Spend some time in the field and you will find out how the real world works (very different from the world PRESENTED to you in the media each day). I am going on my first hand knowledge from my life experiences, and the realities of many events all these years CONTINUE to prove my points.
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    Fortunately, in this case I'm not an American. I guessed that makes you the ignorance.