I want to learn the basics

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  1. what do you need to learn ? in this market just buy every dip and keep adding if it goes lower , like alot of the guys in here are doing and making tons of money in this market jake
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  2. The OP's imaginary online persona is still a work in progress, as I'd previously pointed out a couple of times. Please let's all be patient.
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  3. These guys are jumping into options as beginning stuff. If you are starting out, I wouldn't advise jumping into options. Learn from basic understanding charts books. Then pull up a service like big charts or prophetnet and start playing with the indicators to get hands on experience. Once you think you understand the fundamentals, then you can start playing with real money and see how well they do or do not work.

    Good idea to look at psychology aspect as well (elder or tharp authors), as the market is far from a science like engineering trains you. It's more like science with extreme politics IMHO.

    If you like to learn about patterns, bullkowski has a good book on understanding chart patterns with plenty of statistics. He was a former engineer as well. Martin pring has a few good TA basic books that also cover oscillators. You should understand oscillators easily if you dealt with signals.
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