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  1. Hi Folks,

    Can you please guide me to a name of a good book talks about the basics of trading.

    For example, I do not know what Open , Close, Low, High, oversold, overbought means in the trade world.

    I want to know the motivation behind these names, I wish if I can read the right book which can put me in the picture.

    I do not want to trade blindly, I do not mind if the book is not talking about forex in specific, but what I care about is the concept itself.

    I am from engineering background and I have decided to delve into the trading word.

    Thanks Allot
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    Elder - Come Into My Trading Room
    Dr. Alexander Elder Comes in CD I got Both.

    Best Teachings For beginners
    Saved my ass
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    As a engineer you have the right basis to start.
    Look up the books section on this site.
    Search the forums: => Journals, Technical Analysis, Strategy Trading in particular. Spent a lot of time reading.
    Use www.bigcharts.com for free to study charts.

  5. Harris's Trading and Exchanges is a comprehensive overview of the markets.
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    Try John Murphy's Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets for a basic start point, followed by Mark Douglas Trading in the Zone & then the Brett Steenbarger books.
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    you are trading coach! and now you want to learn the basic?
  8. I recommend Trading for a living by Elder. But you can get a lot of free and useful info on the web and also from this forum.
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