I want to give you a great example of a Bearish sign.

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    aren't these only 'obvious' in hindsight though?
  2. Pretty cool...thanks.
  3. The market had a huge run up over a long period of years. The nasdaq is still 1/2 of what it was in 2000. We are not even close to the same situation we were in 1999.
  4. Even recently with the property bubble. When I was watching the Retards on "Property Ladder", Folks working as mortgage brokers telling me the crazy stories on how they were writing loans to anyone with a pulse. I knew something was up.

    None of this stuff is only obvious in hindsight. Thats what the managers want the masses to believe and Mutual fund managers who do not bother to do due diligence and just want to churn and collect. They are the equivalent of McDonalds for the masses.

    Remember. Where are the Customers Yachts?
  5. Many stocks are higher than they were 2 years ago and the markets aren't even close to the levels they were, the economy has nowhere to go but get better, all you hear is the recession is over and we are on our way! To me, that's a bearish sign in the old days of fundamental markets. We do not live in those times any more, so if you trade based on fundamentals or past history, you will wipe yourself out. The markets have spoken, and has given easy money making opportunities with unconventional prop ups across the board, that's the trade as of the last year. We will pay dearly down the road but your trading account growth should help put a smile on your face:)
  6. The sheep are going long bonds :) The sheep sold all their equity positions back in the depths of the bear market in 09 and are jumping into fixed income and structured products.

    Sheepvestors are classic buy high sell low. 2009 was a great time to scoop up so many high quality companies trading huge discounts.

    Wait till inflation hits and those bonds get hit.
  7. yup, Pimpco has the biggest mutual fund in the world now, just as we begin, in 2009, a secular bear market for bonds. Gonna get crushhed.