I want to get started with Forex Trading

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  1. Hi

    I want to get started with Forex Trading. I am new to forex trading and I want learn about how to trade in Forex. My email ID is shawn.wells1214@hotmail.com please email me with some helpful tools and tips.

    Shawn Wells
  2. you can buy a book online from amazon, Currency Trading for Dummies
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    Heh.. sad thing is that book is real.. saw it on the end shelf at barnes and noble when picking up kahneman's book

    All i could think was wow... ....
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    just read book and practice on demo accounts. it helps
  5. It's actually a good overview. Not the one I would recommend myself for someone just starting out or someone wanting to learn the mechanics of the spot FX market, but it's still a decent overview.

    Oldtime read it through and found it useful at least.

    Personally, I'd point out Day Trading the Currency Market by Kathy Lien as a good into to the spot market.
  6. Learn to trade anything - the techniques are the same for all markets. Go to Babypips.com and learn the beginning stages of TA there and then you will have enough information to begin your journey of 20,000 hrs.
  7. Xspurt wasn't kidding about the 20,000 hrs, either
  8. does EMG have a copy.
  9. nice site oldtime.
    appreciate it

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