I want to get Started in E-Minis

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  1. Once again...

    you can use Elitetrader.com Search to find answers to most or all of your questions...

    For example...click on that Search menu and type in

    "Eminis 25k"


    "Eminis PDT"


    Yet...to answer your question...

    Yes and Yes.

    Remember this...no matter what you trade...not all participants are losers. Thus, there must be someone out there making a living in the markets.


    P.S. If you don't want to use ET search menu...you could always call your Futures Broker or a broker your thinking about using for many answers to your questions.

    I'm sure they can send you some informational package about the Eminis.

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  2. gnome


    The Big SP contract has big overshoots, too (often bigger than the emini because of lighter volume). Cash is the proper reference if you're playing for 10-20 handles. Scalping? That's another matter. :D
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  3. The $25,000 rule is an S.E.C. rule. The S.E.C. governs stocks, but not futures. Futures are not restricted by this S.E.C. rule.

    Single Stock Futures are also not restricted by the S.E.C. rule, they are also futures like the E-minis. With Single Stock Futures ("SSF") there are about 100 stocks, and a few indexes, you can trade without the PDT restrictions.

    You should understand that the actual price of the E-minis is about $20,000 for the Nasdaq (NQ) and $45,000 for the S&P (ES). You are allowed a huge amount of margin if you want, but margin is a loan the broker gives you. Just because they only require $2,000 from you to trade an ES or NQ, don't kid yourself that you aren't putting $20,000 at risk.
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