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  1. Ok I've watched First Solar do it's thing, HOKU, ASTI, sometimes you run into a sector where for whatever reason you are forever behind the 8 ball. You decide it is too hyped and that's it you watch it run. Hummm. Google at $87 stoney? Do I really believe in solar? Yes and no. A LOT IS HYPE SEEMS BAKED IN NOW for sure but the startups are happening, the brainpower is going into solar...

    All of this brings me to the point. I want some big F'ing FSLR like solar money, I've stood by tracking a few like ASTI and let them float away like solar balloons. I nailed Canadian Solar for a big payday and now I strike surgically like a panther in the night. YGE. You belong to me now!!

    Yingli Green Energy Holding Company Limited (Yingli Green Energy) is a vertically integrated photovoltaic [PV] product manufacturer in China. Through Baoding Tianwei Yingli New Energy Resources Co., Ltd. (Tianwei Yingli), the Company's principal operating subsidiary based in China, it designs, manufactures and sells PV modules. It also designs, assembles, sells and installs PV systems that are connected to an electricity transmission grid.

    As of June 7, 2007, the Company's annual production capacity was 95 megawatts of polysilicon ingots and wafers, 90 megawatts of PV cells and 100 megawatts of PV modules. Yingli Green Energy's end-products include PV modules and PV systems in different sizes and power outputs. It sells PV modules under its own brand name, Yingli, to PV system integrators and distributors located in various markets around the world, including Germany, Spain, China and the United States.

    Yingli has been no exception to the exceptional growth seen in the solar industry over the past two years, with earnings growth nearly quadrupling in 2006. The company hit a bit of a snag with its earnings in the past two quarters that has held back the shares if you can call doubling held back which in Solar land you can. As a recent Ipo it fluttered up from $12 or something and actually hit $20 as I remember in July so that could be called support.

    With support here and the odds of a earnings explosion ahead of us, we have a pretty good investing set up>> have we stumbled on that rare breed... A solar play so undercover only you and I know about it!
    It's China!
    It's solar!
    It's a vertical integration story.
    Poised for expansion & lets hope they make whatever transition they have to in these modules to stay current. I like that they sell big heavy stuff into the electrical grid those are big contracts not some roadside assistance box!
    I think YGE could do very well for us here I'd put the odds at better than 50 -50 for an stock explosion a double as the name becomes more wall known. No one I've mentioned the name to today had heard of it... a good sign. But I was asking around my kids preschool. I don't think we can get stepped on here by a recent player... all of this shapes up as a nice play for the aggressive investor.
    ~ stoney

    *the company is seen posting overall growth in 2007 of 82%, then another 90% growth in 2008.
  2. I bought into YGE in July a few weeks after the IPO. Made a good profit - got out. There is still money to be made in Solar. YGE is a bumpy ride, but should give good Long Term results.

    I would recommend FSLR instead. Because it is the undisputed leader and their accounting is tight.

    Good Luck!
  3. Thank you sophiekay I hear you but you sound familiar with how YGE does accounting> delivering first and then getting paid... by my accounts the 4 th QTR should be where all the $'s or yuan fall in from a frisky year of sales. With an artful twist here or there to the bottom line It COULD be a huge number and get folks attention. That's when this stock will get discovered and we can get off. Consider yourself an early adapter who can now mail in a rebate and get back on board...How much of this bull theory is factored in? That is always the question but as you mentioned the bumpy ride of YGE may have resulted in a bar they can hurdle with some ease.~ Good Trading. ~ stoney
  4. I've done s few YGE swings since the ipo. Also have been in TSL,JASO and most recently LDK(huge win).

    Solar has been a big money maker for sure and YGE is likely to do well so long as the sector remains hot. That said, it's 1 of the trashier Chinese co's so I'd keep it on a pretty short leash if it were me.
  5. Thanks for the heads up guys two warnings in one thread you can say i'm sh*ting in my pants now.

    You know I'm so confused I gave my whole rational on the lumping of orders into the 4th qtr and when my vision cleared today i see those notes were in reference to my other Chinese buy yesterday EJ! So I may have made a big mistake here i don't usually collect trashy companies... well I bought WWAT today... but as a way to make money it's not a good idea >maybe this one hasn't moved like the others for a reason. that would suck. If my stocks don't 2X the market in every two month period I tend to boot them anyway out of ill temper, boredom and lack of funds... Can't have a tighter leash than that. I was really buying into them being the only vertically integrated producer the cutting costs as I run the numbers are huge but of course these are Chinese numbers who knows.... ~ stoney
  6. I have read your posts for some time now... stoney.. you are some salesman. get your 7 and get on the phones. you would make your millions using other peoples money. good luck kid. I like your picks. I think it was that refr that set it off.
  7. Stoney, did you get in? Don't leave us hanging. What did you do?
  8. I'm really sacred folks I'm not going to lie. I should of done this in my online acct. This is what happened. I was looking for an excuse to sell SOHU out of my big account. I don't like to email more than once a week to the head guy at the hedge fund, although they are great to me I'm the smallest of smallfries attached to his mothers more significant underbelly--This gave me the opportunity anyway to slip in another of my ideas under the premise of " swapping " Chinese plays and I wanted to go solar undiscovered solar ,... so it seemed smart at the time...so yes I bought it and I never ask how much but they always buy more than would of occurred to me.

    Now the real crazy part is I CAN'T REMEMBER THE NAME OF this COMPANY@!!!!! No matter how hard I try I can't memorize the symbols and god forbid the name- it's a mix mosh of Chinese doubletalk... so I don't know if it's up or down or what , can't find it in the paper!!!
    Only on this one little scarp of paper to I see it in my notes " YGE " Where is the research!!!! It looks like I just went with it, can't find my notes.. the house is messy... well i have the symbols and this thread for posterity... I could now pop it up on the computer...
    but I decided not too. i'm stuck in a way... I don't want to know. To get back in touch so quickly and strike a trade would make me look amateurish and we wouldn't want that. Eeeesh I've really done it . Go Solar. let's get GREEN!!!! ~ stoney
  9. Dude: Less Caffeine. Very entertaining.


    $21 to $24 just don't look baby!! It's the new Al Davis Mantra No See Amigo Me No Know....

    Yingli Green Energy Holding Co. Ltd. (YGE) Summary, News, Key Stats 24.06 0.63(2.69%)

    Yingli, Yingli, Yingli it's all I say now... Yingli Clean Energy it rhymes!! Still can't memorize the damn symbols though. The day I do it will be sell day... but for now ignorance is bliss!!! Let's look this up at the end of the week, or better yet next week it's BLIND INVESTING 101 brought to you by...... Yingli!
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