I want to get on the board of GE

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  1. What else do I need to do other than send the letter to GE? Do I get on the stand and do a Gordon Gekko style speech? What else is needed.

    The committee will consider all shareowner recommendations for candidates for the Board, which should be sent to the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee, c/o Brackett B. Denniston III, Secretary, General Electric Company, 3135 Easton Turnpike, Fairfield, Connecticut 06828. The information required to be included is set forth in our by-laws, and the general qualifications and specific qualities and skills established by the committee for directors are included in Section 3 of the Board’s Governance Principles. We believe that directors should possess the highest personal and professional ethics, integrity and values, and be committed to representing the long-term interests of the shareowners. They must also have an inquisitive and objective perspective, practical wisdom and mature judgment. We endeavor to have a Board representing a range of experience at policy-making levels in business, government, education and technology, and in areas that are relevant to the company’s global activities. The committee’s evaluation of director nominees takes into account their ability to contribute to the diversity of age, background and experience represented on the Board, and the committee reviews its effectiveness in balancing these considerations when assessing the composition of the Board.
  2. I read some stuff about the former CEO, Welch - one time he even found a way to fire a guy in a foreign government for not using the companies products.

    You have better odds in Vegas than owning this through the next 24 months.
  3. Tell them you taught Bernie Madoff every thing he knew and that you made recommendations to the Enron board.
  4. LOL :) That would be funny to do actually just as a joke on the next shareholder meeting.

    Anyhow early worm gets the bird. (As the russians say)

    Another new trading day.