I want to get my love back

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  1. wordup cuzzins

    I met a girl 2 years ago and we were going out for 2 years. Here is the situation... I met this girl B and I told my x-gf (Girl A) to break up so I can go out with girl B. (1 day overlap and she calls it as a cheating)

    Yes I told girl A that I am going to my mechanic to fix my car and I dated girl B... she phoned me so many times but I didn't answer it.

    After I came back home (made girl B as my new gf already) and I told her the truth saying that I was dating with her today...

    she cried a lot and felt lots of betrayal.

    So girl B and I went out...

    After 3 days I started to think about girl A... and I broke up with girl B because of I kept thinking of girl A.

    after 3 weeks of this incidence.. (and I was kinda chasing ho girl C)

    Now girl A has a new boyfriend... after I found out I went crazy.. that can't think of girl C anymore so I spent whole time to get my girl A back..

    I want to get her back seriously...

    we meet together several times while she was dating a new bf.. and I asked her to come back to me many times.

    She never said no and she gave me lots of hope...

    She kept asking me to give her sometime and I was willing to give her sometime but I knew that she kept bring her new bf to her condo and slept over several times already.

    I am not Buddha and I am sick of watching her new bf come over and sleep at her condo, prob givin her the in/out

    I can feel that she likes both guys... her new bf doesn't know that she keeps meeting me and spend some time with me.

    Now... what should I do?? She told me that she doesn't know what to do...

    Also she told me that she pretty much made her decision and about to come back to me..

    Problem is there is a wohman who is friend of both girl A and C. (let's call her girl D) Girl D told everything, things like what I did to girl C in order to go out with her.

    Now girl A is so pissed and told me that she won't consider to get back to me and have a great life bla bla bla. (last friday) She thinks that I met girl C while I was asking girl A to get back to me.

    I didn't know about girl D since today and I started to explain everything to girl A that it was like 3 weeks ago and I didn't do ****.

    Actually girl D was kinda helping girl C by telling stories to girl A so we can't get together. I explained to girl A that even girl C likes me I am not even considered to date with girl C and I just want girl A bla bla bla.

    Today she brought her new bf to her place and he is going to sleep over.

    Well... I want to suck it up and keep want to get her back..

    What should I do???

    Should I just give her sometime and see what's going to happen between them? or should I keep shake her mind?? by doing some sweet things??

    I know the best way is to find a new gf but somehow I am not interested in anyone... I can't just wait until they break up...

    I am damn serious and I am truely seeking for some good advise...

    Thanks for your time guys..
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    I could hire some pickup expert and create an entire course for you on how to get her back inside of a week if you give me some time :)

    Seriously though there is all kinds of good advise on that topic for free on the net. Just use a bit of smarts in what you take and you should be fine. I'm not sure how many of the clowns on here (including me) I'd trust with my heart.

    Good luck.
  3. Hmnnnn. Stay tuned for girl Double D...
  4. e#21


    I think you are retarded ...

    I am damn serious ...

    I don't understand how some people can't get over such things, how can she be important?
  5. Lucrum


    If you think it's tough now, just wait until you're older and in high school.
  6. Thanks for the laughs!
  7. zdreg


    is there a trading methodology embedded in your dating habits?
    could it make someone a successful trader?
  8. Some other guy's been dipping his wick in her wax and you want her back?

    That produce has expired, homey.
  9. lol,wtf???
  10. cant see any reason girl a should want you back. you seem kind of childish and have a lot of growing up to do.
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