I want to do some precious metal's spreads

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  1. OK, I am bored and I see some potential in spreads of gold and silver. Perhaps platinum or palladium versus the gold. I do not have a future's account and I have not even checked out the spread margin that would be required to do this at the futures exchanges.
    What I found is a bunch of so called spread betting companies that offer this is a prop/bet perhaps based in the UK or Australia where the blokes bet on a wide rage of stuff.
    Would you open an account at any of these places? They seem a little sleazy/flight by night gambling type brokers rather than a US futures firm. (maybe I m giving the US future's industry a little too much credit :)
  2. I think u can trust the US futures exchanges more than some shady spread betting companies based "perhaps in UK or Australia" whatever that even means. There's a whole section about brokers on this site, reference it.
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    Amen, brother.