I want to buy Option Vue 7 or 6

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by fpbtm, Feb 9, 2013.

  1. fpbtm



    I want to buy Option Vue 7, but I find it too expensive for my budget.
    If anybody among you wants to re-sell its copy, I am interested.
    Option Vue 6 would be OK too.

    Thank you

  2. ofthomas


    have you looked at this instead?


    or are just funding an account with ToS/AMTD and using their platform? or looked at hoadley plug in? or look at ORC Software? or even CQG? or what about optionscity?

    not sure about the licensing fine print on OV, but a lot of the vendors dont allow you to "resell" the licenses even if not in use... otherwise I would have dumped mine for NT7 long, long ago...
  3. http://www.orc-group.com/Products-S...g/Products/Orc-Trader-for-Volatility-Trading/

    how much is this?
  4. fpbtm



    Thanks a lot for your reply.
    Your suggestions are interesting. I have heard about a few of these softwares, but I thought that Option Vue was much much better (and much more expensive also).
    I will check each of these softwares, and maybe I will find what I am looking for.

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  6. grubram


    Hi fpbtm

    I have a legal version of OV7 which has BackTrader permenantly enabled which gives you free access to OptionVue database with 30 min delayed data to run the software.
    Data and the backtrader modual would normaly cost you more than $1000.00 annually