I want to buy oil stocks instead of a hybrid.

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  1. I have 20K that I would rather use to buy an oil stock to hedge against fuel expenses. Instead of buying a prius which would lose value over time.

    Which is better CVX,XOM or BP??

    I would like to collect the dividends. and write OTM covered calls also.
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    a fund by the name of ENPIX might be of interest to you
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    Cool, buy an oil ETF, and when the price gets outrageous again, buy a gianormous SUV at a great discount with the profits!
  4. XOM has most to gain earnings wise from increasing oil prices but they are least likely to have stock price appreciation because of their enormous market cap.

    Oil stocks I'm watching right now; dividend yield on the right.

    SNP looks really good. It tripped in value compared to a double for XOM since 2006 to the peak.

    Also I read this article about hedging your gas bill with USO etf but it turned out to be bunch of nonsense.

  5. BP is your best option if you're looking for dividends. It's a massive dividend that they have stated will remain intact with oil above $50/barrel. It still has upside potential in share price but it has ran up quite a bit off the lows (which is expected) so due diligence is necessary here.
  6. Thanks I will look at BP. probably write a covered call on it.