I want to buy GM stock.

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  1. 1 share, now if I get this share all I have to do is tell my broker to issue a certificate or is it too late??

    If I buy 1 share today and request it then GM is gone monday will I still be able to get the share certificate?
  2. mililani


    Haha, that's awesome. I wonder how that will turn out? I mean, I wonder if you can buy a bunch of GM for pennies, then ask GM to issue you the stock certificate, and sell them on Ebay as mementos. You'd probably double your money.
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    Most institutions charge $50 or so to issue a cert, so your break-ven is $50 + say $5 bucks commission +80 cents for the stock ;)
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    Many years ago I bot 1 share of Playboy to hang in my office. Playboy kept calling me to sell back the share so they could quit sending me annual reports and other paperwork. I didn't want holes punched in it so I never sent it to them and they passed some rule so us 1 lot shareholders could be outcast. Ha ha ha ha. I still have that share but the wife won't let me hang it in my home office.
  5. Opps I got this, I guess the DTC keeps making it tougher and tougher to get certificates thanks to that BS dematerialization stuff going on.

    I got this from etrade.

    Thank you for your message in regards to requesting a stock certificate for GM. At this time, E*TRADE Securities is not able to submit certificate requests on behalf of our customers.

    Effective January 1, 2009, E*TRADE Securities and other broker-dealers will no longer be able to fulfill paper certificate requests due to an SEC regulation change. E*TRADE Securities will default most paper certificate requests to electronic registration of shares using the Direct Registration System (DRS). DRS is a book entry system that enables E*TRADE Securities to directly register and electronically transfer shares on behalf of our customers from your brokerage account to an account automatically established at the transfer agent and register the holdings in your name. DRS transfers are free and may be initiated by calling Customer Service or using the Online Service Center within your E*TRADE account online. The online service center link is found in the upper right hand corner of www.etrade.com after logging on to your account.

    We can electronically transfer the shares to the transfer agent within 3 to 5 business days. Once the shares are electronically transferred, the transfer agent will mail a statement of ownership to you, in your name. If you elect to request paper certificates, you must then contact the transfer agent to submit your request. Please note, some transfer agents have adopted a Paperless Certificate Policy. It is at their discretion whether or not to issue a paper certificate.

    In the event that the security is not eligible for DRS transfers, we will be able to request a physical certificate on a best efforts basis. The cost for a certificate of a domestic company is $75; certificates for international companies are $250. If this you wish to explore this option, please contact customer service with your request and agreement to pay this fee.

    For future inquiries you can visit our Online Service Center, it is the fast & easy way to get answers to all your questions. You can also reach us by phone at one of our phone numbers located at etrade.com/contactus. As always, we appreciate the opportunity to serve you.
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