I want to buy/get some economic data

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  1. Digs


    I am after monthly base line numbers for headline CPI. [Ie thats the CPI for all goods and services ( before YOY% calculations are made). ]

    I am after this data for these economies:
    New Zealand
    Europe ( ak germany)

    Data going as far back as possible ie 1901.

    What service sites out there may supply this data paid or unpaid. I know I can spend time at Central banks sites, but to save time are there any sites that sell the lot ???

    Please advise ...
  2. For Italy, aggregated CPI is free: http://www.istat.it/prezzi/precon/rivalutazioni/ as a lot of pre-worked data, if you understand italian.

    if you want pre-calculation data you have to buy it from ISTAT (institute of statitics, a governmental institution).
    Their contact is info@istat.it or
    marketing@istat.it (more info on www.istat.it).
    If you qualify as a researcher use https://contact.istat.it//Index.php?Lingua=Inglese.

    If you find something interesting, please keep us informed, I always like a new analisys to compare with official CPI and shadowstats.com :)