I want to break something

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  1. How do you keep yourself from breaking something after the YM takes out your 10 point stop about 3 seconds after u entered the trade!!!!
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    If you believe the market gives signals for all its moves, you won't get upset.
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    Break yourself first. Expend physical energy.
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    Tums, don't torture the people here.:D
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    You're breaking a Dell, dude.
  6. I have a long way to go to make it in this.....
    This is just the beginning!
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    You just dont.
  8. Kick that goonie goo koo dog.

  9. Apparently a wood desk is not as strong as bone. This old desk is broken in many places from kicking and punching. Good old Elmer's glue!

    I don't think that I've broken bones in my hands, unless they were a bit fractured. They should be all healed up now anyway. It's been a long time since I've actually broken the desk, however...

    My physical outbursts have improved a lot over time, emotional needs some work. What matters is, at 4pm it's over and I don't care if it was a winning or losing day.

    I know, yet with doubt, that all of the trades or days will average out well over a certain amount of time, but to put so much into being down in the morning, when I know I could be up by the end of the day...what the???

    I know logically that it's all uncalled for, but still......

    If I was more diversified it would help a huge amount to average the winners and losers, but that will have to wait until my health probems improve substantially. Oh, to be healthy. Health is number one, money number two, people that don't make you sick and steal your money is number three.
  10. Personally I would rather get stopped out immediately. Much better than being positioned the entire day waiting for the move.

    Bot ES 1280 puts @ 10:10.....still long and experiencing time decay as a result. :)
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