I want to brand myself as the greatest money manager ever...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by TudorJones, Mar 4, 2008.

  1. That, it would be a proud moment for people (accredited investors) to manage their money with me. They should feel proud to say that I manage their money for them.

    I have the returns ~>20% per year. (with no size restrictions)

    100% positive references. 100% satisfied former investors etc

    Great pedigree.

    & movie star qualities.

    I don't want to write a book, nor appear in a tv show, nor do a video, or interview. (I know, I'm a sucker for privacy), its because I just want to manage some money and make my investors proud.

    any tips, suggestions, thoughts etc etc.. would be greatly appreciated... and especially if you had to market your own fund, or if you had thought about this etc etc.. THANKS..
  2. cold


    can you even guess how long/big mine is

    Your ~>20% or so per year is pathetic

    I am sorry, it sounds mean

    but I do 100 % in 2-3 months

    and at least I know enough to say that there is a liquidity problem, size does matter

    when you say, regardless of size

    you lie, or even worse you don't know shit

    I am not saying you don't make money

    I am saying I AM THE BEST NOT YOU :D
  3. you've come a long way TudorJones.

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  4. no lie.. & I know some shit..
  5. piezoe


    No argument there, you definitely know shit. Have you got your own TV show yet?
  6. cold


    this guys is fcuking brilliant

    bringing word to street type blacks

    in the way they would understand


    not a joke

    is that really you TudorJones

    Amen brother
  7. Is this a joke?

    ....Must be
  8. why post, if you have nothing to contribute ??
  9. You already have Timmay as your advisor. You don't need any other advice.:D
  10. cold


    hey man is that video really you

    I don't mean nothin bad by it
    #10     Mar 4, 2008