I want to be worshiped and adored cause I can trade :)

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by IQ146, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. IQ146


    I don't give a shit what your PRECONCEPTIONS are

    what you believe is possible and impossible is not my concern

    I do 100 % return in 2 months, portfolio must be below 250 k (it pains me to have to include that info knowing what imbeciles come to this board)

    I make money in ANY market condition

    well my demands are simple

    Worship me and adore me, you can usher a prayer to me as well every day

    I will select 12 most serious Apostles and teach them my method after they prove themselves

    Oh and want to know the greatest kicker.

    the more people use the strategy to better it works

    But I won't disclose to everyone, because HELLOOOOO I want to be revered.
  2. IQ146


    come on guys don't DON't bitch at me

    You all worship Jack Hershey and he can't even trade :mad: :mad: :mad:
  3. mde2004


    Fuc^ You^ sucker. Jack is a professional speaker. He blew out several times before he learned public speaking. Fuc^ Hershey man.
  4. IQ146


    hey I like your attitude, there is hope for you yet

    PM me become my apostle
  5. I am not worthy! Please bestow your blessings upon thee, and grant me total financial abundence!

    On second thought, Perhaps, you could provide evidence, a sample of the financial miracles to come, by joining us on the Trader P&L 2007 thread, and demonstrating your trading genius!
  6. I'll be your bitch, but only if it works for NQ.
  7. no. 22

    no. 22

    :( We really need a guru. We've had some, but they've been taking a beating lately and don't look like they'll survive. Are you sure you want to be a guru at ET?
  8. IQ146


    hypo you old fart, you are already my apostle :D

    OK guys I need 11 more PM me
  9. IQ146


    hypo your superior command of English language will come in handy too

    and yes method works on NQ ANY time frame
  10. You've yet to display any evidence that you have anything of value to offer.
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