i want to be a programmer in security company/Precious metals trading company, ok?

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    Now i have some experience of c/c++ and linux operation system, and i alse have traded stocks for about 5 years.
    I like both programming and trading.
    Now i want to apply a job in Precious metals trading company as a programmer.
    My schedule is to step into quantitative trader or quant.

    But i don't know whether is ok or not.
    Anybody know this and give me some advice?

    Thank you very much.
  2. what do you speculate specifically will help you at the metals trading place? how is it a security company and a precious metals trading company... exactly what is there function in trading metals..
  3. Yes only if you can get agreement at time of hire (not just from the recruiter, who will say anything) that you will have a path to quant, specifying when this can occur and giving you at least some limited form of contact with the quant. trading department right from the start.

    Otherwise it may never happen as in many companies there are walls between departments that are almost impossible to cross.
  4. He speaks english not well enough to say what he means. He means SECURITIES - like stock. Not security.
  5. cf0532


    yes, you got my meaning.

    Now i have applied a job as a programmer in a precious metals trading company, and i have some skill of c\c++ & some experience of trading stocks.

    I love both of them, so i apply the job of programmer in that precious metal trading company.
    I am willing to be a quant or have professional quantitative trader after some years.

    Now i am an engineer in petroleum field and trade & study stock by myself on my spare time, but now i want to be a professional trader by this applying job.

    In additional, I am in China, the company which i have applied for as a programmer is ¡°Golden Peak Group¡± which applies a platform for its customers to trade gold and also have store to sell gold and related products; i think this company is similar with some stock companies that applies platform for their costumers to trade stocks.

    Because i am not sure about my willing and plan, and not know much about related company, so i post this subject to get some advice about my thinking about this, especially i want to get some advice from the man who know "Golden Peak Group", or know well stock companies, precious metal trading company.

    Thank you, every one.

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    Ok, i get your meaning.
    Thank you very much.

  7. hahah.. i can't believe i took that explicitly..
  8. Here is a good jobs board ... occasionally something comes up for China.
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