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    I have a Dell Dimenison 8300 w/ a 128 mg ddr NVidia Ge-Force fx 5200 graphics card and currently run 2 monitors. I spoke to a Dell rep and he said that I cannot add another video card without adjusting the mother board etc. By reading this board I believe it is possible but which card would work with my system?? I have 3 PCI slots open. I would also not like to spend alot of $ for the card. Thanks for the help.
  2. Buy a dual-head nvidia pci card and you're set.
  3. You can find matrox pci g400, 450, or 550 dual head cards that provide all that you need for trading.

    Also, inexpensive, low memory cards work well too (diamond viper pci single head 330, 550).

    I've used all of the above cards for trading.

    Unless you're gaming video is a big overkill.
  4. agree w/ 2 posts above. if you have 3 pci slots open it should be no problem. the response you got from the dell rep just further proves how incompetent and ineffective dell customer service is becoming.
  5. Just buy any PCI video card that supports 2 monitors. I have a Dell, and I added 2 PCI cards. No problem for over 1 year.
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    Would not agree that "any card" is satisfactory. There can be driver conflicts with mixed brands, 3rd party and OEM cards.
  7. get another geforce fx5200 pci card

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    That's the best idea... tons available on eBay for cheap.
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    thanks for all of the replys, I think I will go with another Nvidia card. Should I pay the $30 for CompUSA to install it or should I do the install? I must admit that my computer skill are limited. I can install the card but should Windows XP recognize the card and everything work together?
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    I presently have a Dell, with 8 monitors. Been using for over 2 years with no real problems.

    I first tried mixing cards made by different manufacturers and had problems. I'm now using 3 Matrox graphics cards ((one AGP(P650-dual) and two PCI(G450MMS-quad)). I did need to update the BIOS before installing the two PCI cards.

    I did discover that, even though the two PCI cards are identical, I had to install the drivers twice, once for each card.

    XP should recognize the new card. You can then direct it to the correct location to find the drivers.

    Good Luck.
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