I Want the System to Collapse!

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  1. After much study and thought, I as well as some of you I'm sure, have come to the conclusion we really cannot fix our troubles, only delay them further. Having said that, I would rather let this system collapse now, when my children are young and I am young enough to deal with it rather than wait until I am old and let them go through the hardships as adults. This is wanting the best for my kids, I'm sure some of you as parents would rather it be this way as well.

    We keep putting duct tape on the crack in the dam, the crack is getting bigger and we are running out of tape. Let the debts collapse upon themselves, let the old world Rothschild slavery system, errr... banking system go the way of the Dodo. We won't miss it in 10 years.

    I cannot tell you what the future will hold after a collapse, but I can tell you what it will look like if we don't hit the reset button soon.
  2. The crack is getting bigger?
    How so, and please be specific.

    The credit markets say otherwise.
  3. The problem is the politicians! Many are stupid, others are owned by wall st and the rest are crooks.

    This guy always has good weekly commentary.

    When a fund manager says gov officials fail the ethics test, he's really saying what I just wrote above!

    At least the country might have had a chance if the fu^&*ing politicos weren't such liars nowadays.
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    everything under the sun has been done to stop the dam from breaking at a cost to our kids..... the crack may seem to not be getting bigger , but had they not pawned our future it would be the size of the grand canyon....
  5. Easy Landis...don't shut guy this down. I want to see as many kooks as possibly to sign on to this line of thought.

    These are great ad hoc sentiment polls(admittedly not statistically significant.) But fun nonetheless.

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    dude, give us a break

    your talking like the main opponent of the fed chairman. and what do you know ? probably a little more than me
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    You might get your wish, but be careful what you wish for. How big of a collapse do you want? Anarchy, SHTF, TEOTWAWKI? Those will happen in your lifetime, mark my words. Hopefully you have your stuff together before then, otherwise you will be in deep.
  8. The Crack=Debt, and that is as specific as you need. The credit markets are getting a little loser now as people are now willing to take on more risk. The crack (debt) is growing ever so larger though, it hasn't stopped and has not reversed.

    The pavlovian traders are seeing that the US govt is backstopping so much, they are now willing to take on risks again.

    We are a failed model of hyper-consumerism that will have excess capicity that was built for a consumer that was 70% of GDP.

    You know all this shit Landis, I think your just jerking my chain. or talking your book AND jerking my chain, but you aren't one of the dumb ones.
  9. UNFORTUNATELY the plane WILL CRASH........everything the government is doing only changes the "rate of DESCENT!" :eek:
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    yeah, what is this guy talking about everything is fine....they didn't just swindle us. They are to big to fail.... We had to do it
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