I want the one way direction market

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    Why not?
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    Markets do not work that way:D

    Long gold , & or long GLD;
    short SPY..S&P, is simply probabilities not predictions.Wisdom is profitable to direct.

    Silver has been mostly downtrends, copper =sideways trends;
    now silver SLV is creeping up a bit, past 2o, 21 days+/...
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  5. If you have a one way direction market that is headed straight to infinity, that means that everyone wants to buy and no one wants to sell...

    So if the market goes infinite up who would you buy from, if you every manage to buy, why would you ever sell back?

    In any market you need uncertainty to give you people who want to buy and to sell so that trades can happen...
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    from those who want to sell and buy an ice-cream.no one wants to hold a paper till infinity,dont you think...
  7. If the paper (or whatever asset) has infinite value and will continue to go up forever garranteed why exchange it for another piece of paper that has risk (eg cash)?
    At best one could use it as collateral in a manner similar to subprime lenders using the house as an ATM…
    Unfortunately such an asset does not exist it is not the way markets function. Every asset out there has risk and uncertainty because when you sell someone else wants to buy and when you buy someone else wants to sell.