I want SOX futures!!!

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  1. Enough with the SSF's, holdr's, and all the other AMEX crap.

    I want SOX futures. Think about the possibilities for hedging, and the semi-manufacturers could use them the same way that farmers use the agr futures markets...

    Just my thoughts...
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    Now that's a great idea. Why didn't they introduce those before SSF's?

    Maybe they are in the filling stage?
  3. I understand they are but SOX, OSX XAU the whole lot how good would that be!

    How volatile will the underlying stocks be though!
  4. there are already futures on DRAM prices. manufacturers use
  5. please do not ask... where can i trade these ? they are not public.
  6. rats...i always wondered about that. THAT would truly be a fun market to speculate...

    thanks for the pre-emptive info, tho...
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  9. It appears that the futures mentined above are futures on a basket of 5 semiconductor stocks, which is NOT a direct correlation to the SOX index.
  10. Bung,

    I think you can trade semiconductor futures...HKfutures exchange

    Initial Margin =89,000 NT (taiwan dollar denominated)

    Exchange rate 34 NT/USD
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