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    I watched about 5 minutes of his show for the first time in over 2 years and the guy blames the market and the ceo of wachovia.
    in other words,he wants his viewers to blame the market and the ceo of wachovia for the banks failure. how bout Cramer blaming himself ! if he was such an astute investor/trader he would have told his viewers that the price action was suggesting a Lehman type fate. any trader/investor who is a so-called professional would have seen this coming.
    si i don't get it,why does Cramer have a show,what does he offer? he told investors to sell shares AFTER the january crash,why not the double top in november?
    the other gARY Kaltbaum is no better,he just has a radio show that basically talks about how smart he is and pimps out his hedge fund. and offers nothing substantive at all. he's a total waste of time as well.
    i said it once and i'll say it again--WATCH BLOOMBERG...
  2. they have shows because people like you watch and listen to them
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    Better in depth coverage
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    I assume from that comment 'regal' you are not very intelligent.

  5. Cramer seems genuine in his enthusiasm for helping the little investor but could he be an evil instrument of big money, getting the dumb money to buy tops and sell bottoms?
  6. Because he yells and "sounds" like he knows what hes talking about. Plus he has cool buttons that make different noises when he pushes them and also has a cool catch phrase that people enjoy saying "Booya!"

    It's very easy to entertain the sheeple and thats what his show is...entertainment. Its for people that have a few k in the markets and want to feel like they are big time investors. Simple
  7. Typical Cramer fan

    1) Bought a house with zero down at 4X the true value, now in default

    2) Is against the bailout.