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  1. liam79


    I want a prop firm that'll offer me more than 4:1 buying power for swing trading. I want low fees/commission.

    Anyone know of any good firms? This is all I want. I don't need training education or anything else. Thanks!
  2. Bump...

    Interested if this exists on a firm that does not charge interest for OVERNIGHT HOLDS.
  3. cvds16


    how could that be possible, ??? you need to read up on finance ...
  4. Shadow23


    I know where you do this... but you have to have 100K starting balance.. and you can have unlimited buying power overnight

  5. where? i want to buy 500MM worth of SPY's to hold overnight before non-farm.
  6. cvds16


    even better, let me sell futures against those and collect risk free intrest :D I don't believe the kind of idiots here sometimes on ET
  7. gimp570


    i traded prop. for 10 years once Assent closed i just opened a portfolio margin account with IB

    i love it...tons of buying power

    i dont know about prop. to me it seems like with so much changing.....i would be worried about my money

    and i am not sure i could survive not getting paid out 100%

  8. There r a few smb,global,i dont know even discrete but for solos mgb is the top of the chain
    They r super aggressive in rates and support cast is great.
    I'll write to info or support at midnight and lo-behold i will get a reply like at 12:30!?!?

    Their bp ratio is incredible for solos
    Contact them, u have nothing to lose, but there r others as well
  9. cvds16


    overnight without intrest or getting raped in some other way ?
    Let me repeat, IT DOES NOT EXIST ! ! !
    There is no such things as a free lunch, guys who believe there is should go back flipping burgers instead of calling themselves traders.
  10. If you have the time and resources to pursue it, you can operate through London and receive much greater than US leverage. But there are some costs and paperwork involved. A firm that's noted for its government-bond dealing desk is active in the space, and there are other players also. Do some homework, call around -- you'll find out how the world works.
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