I want a woman president, do you?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by reiehaxm, Aug 30, 2008.

What gender would serve better as Head of State?

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    Yeah, call me what you want but I would like a woman president. Every head of state would be better served by a woman IMO.

    Politics attract the wrong kind of people. These are people who lust for the power over you and I. They will do and say anything to get it.

    My biggest issue is war. Men like war. Put two men in a room and given enough time, it will turn into a swinging dick contest. On the other hand, women are more likely to solve problems with diplomacy.

    I never liked Hillary. Probably because I dislike her husband and she too dislikes her husband (they stay as a team for political reasons). I do like Sarah Palin. If you were a head of state in a foreign country, look at the picture above and tell me who you'd like to talk to. Shallow as that sounds, it's just a fact of life that attractive people can "sell" opinions or products better. She is someone who could keep the Dems out for 12 years. That is probably why they are freaking out.

    I didn't think John McCain had a chance in November until this VP choice. November 4th could turn into a nail biter.
  2. On one hand, women are less prone to large conflicts like war; but having lived somewhat I clearly see that women are far more governed emotionally than men and they go through much more emotional ups and downs.

    Women are great for balancing things out - but in companion with men. If you let a group of women together, you quickly have intense social infighting. That is how the genders work in universe, in my opinion. Women are absolutely not the way to stay away from conflict, and are for any gender-equipped species a big cause for conflict; just like men is the biggest root for conflict between women.
  3. Your terribly sexist post is right on the money. It's also why Hillary and Billy are so pissed off. What do you think Hillary is going to look like in 2012, let alone 2016. People ain't gonna' elect the fat, white haired cleaning lady to run the country. Shallow and sexist as hell? You bet your ass, but if anyone knows shallow it's the Clinton's. Best she can hope for now is some cabinet position.

  4. This joke is on Hillary.

    12 months ago she was the 1st woman prez without a doubt.

    Then some skinny black dude with no experience talks his way into the nomination.

    Hillary probably got more votes and won the states she needs to win. But because Obama won states that don't matter MT,WY,KS,NE,the whole south, he is in the game.

    Then she gets screwed on the stupid rules.

    Then 2 important states get DQ .....MI,FL

    So she honorably concedes, looking for VP.

    Then Macain picks a woman VP with little experience.

    Poor,poor Hillary.....Good justice

    Its nice to see that people who climb on their husbands coat tails
    and not on their own hard work get what they deserve.
  5. What a normal family:
  6. Vista


    True and the next joke will be on Obama, as Palin causes him to be landslided. After which he will never again be able to generate the original exitement and will just fade away as a wannabe.