I want a new Mirus rep.. can I just ask?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by heech, May 29, 2009.

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    I don't expect much from my brokers. Just basic competence, availability, and great technology.

    I had heard only great things from Mirus, so I setup an account with them this week (clearing thru RCG).

    Everyone else raves about Mirus' service, but frankly, my rep sucks. Hard to get hold of via email, can't reach on the phone... made a mistake on my account, lost my funds, doesn't answer my questions.

    I just put in $100k, and I don't think of myself as a needy/annoying customer. But I just want someone who's more competent and available. Who should I talk to over there?
  2. Elliot W. I can't recall his last name. Who is the dropping the ball.? Assuming this is legit. I want to know because I am planning to move my account there.
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    I'm not going to name names. I'd rather not burn bridges.

    But basically:

    - if I have a real issue with my account, then you should look into it and get back to me proactively. (Any "real issue" should not require 4 emails, 3 unanswered phone calls over 2 days before you start looking into it.)

    - if you promise you'll get back to me on a certain day, that you'll do it.

    In this case, after much hair-pulling on my end, we discovered they made a "typo" on my account number when first supplying it to me.. when entering it into their system.. when depositing my check.. and again when looking up fund status.

    It's not the end of the world, and everything seems to be okay now. But I just expect better.
  4. Most professional traders I know have their accounts directly with the clearing firm; self included.

    You may wish to consider this avenue.

    Of course any respectable clearing firm won't give you "$500 margins" for ES.
  5. heech


    That's an option I wanted to learn more about. I don't even know why Mirus is in the picture, or what they bring to the table.

    Can you explain to me the distinction, and/or point me to a thread that talks about it?

    I opened my initial account with RCG without *any* assistance from Mirus. I only went through Mirus because I thought I "had to". Will I still be able to use ZenFire + NT with RCG direct?

    What level of support can I expect from RCG?
  6. Mirus should be your contact point NOT RCG, just deal with Tony @ Mirus.

    You must be a chronic complainer, I have never had a single issue with the level of service@ Mirus.
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    split 1/2 of your account and try AMP. They will have to compete for your account.
  8. heech


    Let me just summarize where things are right now. I'm staying with Mirus for now. I think they've at least earned the benefit of the doubt.

    They've got my account setup correctly, and hopefully this was just a one-time bump in the road in terms of working with my rep.
  9. RCG's a good FCM but I don't think they particularly *want* direct relationships with customers. You may wish to contact them directly. Some FCMs work that way...

    Consider MF Global or RJO Brien. Both are wonderful FCMs to trade directly with.

    Like I think you said: All a person should expect from a broker is competent, honest, consistent service. All the more for going the extra mile.

    I used to have accounts @ introducing brokers, but I was pretty new to the game...

  10. Actually, that was my one complaint with Mirus, was the serivce.. Mind you it wasnt horrific but it was in need for improvement. All other areas I was satisfied with. If service is a need, and in my book it is, I think there are a couple firms out there that are tops in that area

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