I want a grubstake/help

Discussion in 'Politics' started by DnOut, Aug 20, 2003.

  1. DnOut


    Really, I don't expect much (perhaps some abuse or 'advice'), however I have nothing to lose.
    I wiped out due to lack of discipline. I think I've learnt from that, and would like a second chance.
    I'm flat broke (a little beyond actually) and can't even afford a data feed.

    If theres anyone out there, that perhaps has been in this position before, got through and feels like offering some help, in ANY way. Well, to say the least, I'd appreciate it.
  2. DnOut,

    The fact is your flat broke.

    Thus, you need funds to trade again.

    Like you said...you have nothing to lose and I guess you mean you'll do almost anything.

    Please read the info in the below link very carefully...

    You'll be up and trading in no time...


    In all seriousness...get a job...work your butt off for many many many months or how long it takes to be properly capitalized...

    save your money until you have enough to trade again.

    Even better...get a job that doesn't conflict with your trading hours.

    Thus, get a job like a night job or late evening job so that you can trade during the day.

    Every trade you take again...just remember how hard you worked to save up that money and how hard your going to work to remain discipline in your trading.

    Good luck.

    P.S. Once again...go get a job because your flat broke.

  3. dddude, i feel for ya.. :-/