I wanna sell my signals

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  1. I have a system that works very well for small intraday moves...25-80 cents per trade usually...How can I go about selling my buys and sells?
  2. Not really sure what that is....
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  4. if you have something producing better performance than Titan Trading, they won't be interested in cooperation. Its obvious.

    If you have something worse, the same.

    Conclusion: start your own firm.
    And better have some wealthy contacts!
  5. I agree, however, I know for a fact that Titan guys have purchased a few signal generating models from various developers in the past. Who knows ...

    Also, starting a small web service is not that difficult. It is easy to establish a track record by showing signals for free over some period of time. Like, for example, these guys.


    Another small outfit with somewhat decent signals.
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    Would you consider selling them to me for 2 cents?

    If you got a system that works, why would you sell it???
  7. Yeah, I know. Some people are funny this way. I could never answer this question to myself either. There is always a catch if someone tries to sell signals or a system. It always smells fishy to me.
  8. Ok fellas here it is....it's pretty crazy but listen up...Linda Bradford Raschke was a very good trader right? Now she runs a site where she charges $350/month for you to watch her trades.... If she's so good why sell it? Because numb nuts...if she gets 1000 people to buy her system that's 350K with no stress....makes sense? and no...you pathetic human being, I won't sell it to you for 2 cents.

    Good day
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    You really don't realize how funny you are. I suggest you wake up out of your day dream and become a very famous and wealthy comedian. Will be watching for you on Jay Leno.
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