I wanna kno if anyone who trades similar to me

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  1. I wanna to know if anyone used to have similar problems as i have right now, but have become profitable.

    I consider myself a developing trader who can't make money off the market but don't give it away either.

    During the past 2 months, I have finally pulled myself from losing money to not losing money. I feel like there is something mentally that i have to overcome for me to start make some money.

    My january p/l is +80 and -60 this month so im pretty much flat considering im trading stocks like HPQ, WMT, DIS with a daily volume of around 15k shares.

    I have a great tendency to go into "streak." It could be either winning streak or losing streak. I am extremly discipline when it comes to taking losses, but I am not really good at taking profits. I almost never have one single trade that kills me or hurts me a lot but its always a series of stop losses or extremely low winning % that makes me red.(some day as low as sub 10%)

    My daily p/l is like 60, 50, 18, 90, 35, -106, -106, -35. It has a pattern like that and in the end, I'm giving everything away!

    The only way i could think of to fix this is to tighten my max loss of the day to as low as possible. Because if i see a -30 or -40, it will turn into a bigger hole real quick. Thats the only way i see that is doable for fixing this.

    Some ppl have suggested me to take profits quicker. However, most of my big winners r from my ability to ride those profits. I really wanna fix this tho.

    If anyone has gone thru a similar phase, please give me some guide and things I can work on. Thanks!
  2. Start by changing your name. It's gobbledegook
  3. =========================
    aaba, or aa;
    a]Yes, change your nick name, names/nicknames are important.

    b]Keep detailed MULTI-YEAR records. My real estate trades have been much more profitable than ...................

    4th quarter TRENdS/STREAKS , 1st quarter $tocks/related have been better.....;
    cut back REAL quick on losing trends/STREAKS.

    c] I asssume you have written accurately, in order....;
    quit trading late in day or month. Wisdom is profitable to direct


    Murray -name,
    t turtle =nickname. HATE taking profits early, but records show a Parabolic stop & reverse[psar]/discretion/50 dma helps preserve profit.:cool: