I wanna buy a crotch rocket...

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Ricter, May 13, 2010.

  1. Ricter


    it's my midlife crisis. So, if I'm not posting in the near future, I'm paste on some city cop's shovel.

    Who's got one?
  2. Why is this in politics and religion? More importantly, why do you feel okay about spending money on a " crotch rocket" when you could be funding climate change education or solutions, feeding the homeless, or educating people about multiculturalism and tolerance. You don't need a crotch rocket, and these other things are a lot more important than your depleted testosterone levels which prompt you to take risks which you are too old to physically take and potentially consume more state resources which could be directed toward more worthy causes...

  3. Hello


    I missed getting T-Boned by a truck who blew a stopsign 3 years ago by less than a 10th of a second, i gave it everything i had and swerved properly and hit the ditch, i was trying to turn right at an intersection when it happened, and it shook me enough to never drive one again other than having fun on a dirtbike on my acerage ever since then. If i had decided to slam on my breaks instead of gunning it i would have been getting peeled off the guys front bumper I still have scars all up my left side from the road rash. I might still buy a road bike one day and stay in the city though. Here is a picture of my bike except it was red.

  4. ehorn


    That should do it...

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    Loved the comments on this one...

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    " what is&#65279; the number in the middle? Remaining lives or.... score multiplier".. :D
  5. speres


    I got a Harley vrod street rod.

    The born again bikers are the highest group for bike smashes. Be warned, your starting again even if you've rode before

    One of my mates was killed in Jan on a triumph 955
  6. Get a cruiser!
  7. speres


    or a skate board :D
  8. Ricter


    I had a cruiser (and a dirtbike) in college. Back in those days the Honda Hurricane was the rocket to have. I always wanted one. They're history now, but I still have the want. ; )

    Nice bike there, Hello.

    Re the point about "born again" bikers and accidents, that makes complete sense. Noted.
  9. Ricter


    Sober today, I've decided to rent one. Experience has taught me about new toys soon gathering dust. And, this is a wintery clime I live in, not a long riding season anyway.
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