I wanna be a Bright trader HELP

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  1. Hi
    I am a sophmore in college in college and have always loved trading...i traded when i was in highschool alot and made some good money..but it was more of a learning experience...i ended up taking the money out of my acct for many reasons..i need to pay off my car, and pay for college...
    so for many months i studied trading as much as i can...reading everybook, everywebsite, every technique...CNBC seriously is the only channel tahts ever been on my TV lol.....but i "aquired" and demo of Insta quote direct acces software...and the guy a i aquired it from just has the brokerage he works for pay for the demo acct everymonrt(90 bucks) and he just pretends he is giving it to different people every month...so i have been papertrading with this software for the last year....and have done very well....i have learned alot and have falling more and love wih trading..and i can not see me doing anything else(no joke)
    But my problem is if u want to be succesful trader u need leverage....so i decided id trade with a prop firm...all the professional advantages and envirmoent have to be great...not sur eif i wanna be a remote trader or a office trader..but guys i need any info i can get ....if any of you have been thru the process of becoming a bright trader or anything..just give me some info....and DON of course u can give me info....it is your firm
    thansk alot!!!!
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    I am pretty bright :p except when I trade :mad:
  3. that talked about....you know...how college students these days are seriously lacking in grammar skills...they just type on and on without ever using any punctuation.....maybe like periods and stuff.....to set apart their thoughts and stuff.....so that their written communications can be somewhat coherent and sensible......and that it is likely that the main culprit for these seriously lacking skills.....is the fact that all they do is surf the net , send emails and talk in chat rooms.....where it has become the norm to communicate simply with fwiwroflao types of cryptic terms and messages.....but I guess that's not so bad is it.....after all at least their not out there doing drugs and killing people right.....

    PS jpomerenke if English is not your primary language than please disregard 32.8% of the sarcasm in this post. In all seriousness, if you are serious about trading, I suggest you seek out the information you need rather than waiting for it (via a "help guys please tell me everything I need to know" post) to come to you. Any and all issues about all of the prop firms has already been discussed many times over on various threads so search and ye shall find.
  4. Well spoken, Brother DATTrader...
  5. Call me in the office next week (if I'm not there, leave your number and I'll call you).

  6. Hey, I'm a college student! This attempt is, however, my second time around. While I would agree that the college students of today exhibit poor grammatical skills, I think is somewhat due to my/you being somewhat removed from their age group. When I reflect back upon my first attempt at college, which occurred almost some 8 years ago, I seem to recall certain "quirky" words and sayings being used. I'm 25 now, a Junior, and fortunate enough to have the chance to learn from my mistakes(without them ruining my life first). What really surprises me is the way my two experiences with college differ. I started the first time in 1994, left in 1996. After declaring academic bankruptcy, I began school again in 1997. It, the college experience, and my fellow students are much different this time around.

    One thing I think the college age students of today need to do is realize they are not always dealing with their peers. This is true even when one is a full-time college student. Evidently, the poster that started this thread did/does not. The pop culture style of speech acceptable in college will not carry one far in the business world.
  7. im just keyboard handicap! :D I just typed that pose up very fast and ddint really care if all the spelling or puncuation was right...this isnt a big essay or something im writing..and im pretty sure im not getting graded on it...
    All i wanted to hear is hows BRight....i wanna hear ot from traders whop have traded with them...also i havent been hearing a lot of great things about them..and many people say "go to echo" what o u all think??
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    go Done !!!
  9. Hitman?
  10. An excellent point indeed!! JPO in my opinion, right or wrong, we are often judged based on the effectiveness of our communications regardless of the forum in which we are communicating (Then again maybe I am the idiot for always re-reading and editing my posts before clicking submit as perhaps this is a waste of my time.)

    Nonetheless I think the other point made was good-that if you fail to differentiate between your various audiences, you may end up inadvertantly having a less than desirable impression on someone you really wanted to impress.

    Allright a trivial issue in the grand scheme of things let's let this one die.
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