I voted for Obama.

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  1. But He is all hat and no cattle. And he filled his ranks with the same folks that got us into this shit.

    I will not be voting for him in 2012. I think he is very ineffective as a president. I hope the democrats get voted out of congress.

    Although I think it would have been worse with Palin and Mccain. I voted for the guy out of fear that we would have Palin one heartbeat away from the presidency.

    In essence, I think Palin was the best thing that could have happened to democrats in a very long time.

    (BTW: my Card says republican)
  2. While we're on theoreticals.. Palin "one heartbeat away from the presidency..."

    Let's say Palin served out McCain's term... Couldn't she be good for the country if she decided "first, do no harm"?

    Sure, she's not as smooth and glib as Obama (well, Obama with teleprompter, of course)... but look what he's turned out to be... Liar, self-serving scumbag whose narcissism knows no limit, apologist for all things American, Communist

    I'd rather have someone who may not be a "forceful leader" who tries to do the best for the country... rather than a powerful* politician who's Hell-bent on destroying us with his own personal agenda.

    * about shoving bad policy up OUR collective asses... not powerful about projecting America abroad
  3. Damn, dude, give the guy some time !! He's only been in office 10 months. What did you expect? It takes a long time to turn around a ship as big as America and things aren't that bad to begin with.

    Get this health care bullshit over, exit Iraq and Afganistan and then he will start attacking the deficit.

    In terms of his re-election, things are looking pretty good as far as I can see. In three more years the economy should be in much better shape, the tea-partiers and other malcontents will have blown off steam in the mid-term elections and the radical conservatives will have completely captured the Republican Party and will nominate a 'no chance to win' radical like Palin or Hickabee.
  4. M Jared

    M Jared

    This is my exact situation.Only difference is I will be forced to vote for Obama again if the Republicans nominate an idiot to oppose him in 2012.I too want Obama out,but not if he is going to be replaced by an idiot like Palin
  5. M Jared

    M Jared

    I have little hope that the Republicans can get Obama out.Right now imo the best and most realistic situation would be for Hilliary to resign her position and run for the nomination in 2012.

    I don't care much for the Clinton's but they would be better then Obama and have the only chance to take him out as of now imo
  6. Get the healthcare bullshit over?

    It makes no sense, the healthcare bullshit is HIS IDEA- Do you get it?

    How is he going to attack the deficit when every policy he has is contrary to that statement?

    What about the cap and trade bullshit?

    How can you not connect the dots?

  7. When I say 'healthcare bullshit' I am referring to the completely out-of-proportion bellyaching going on about a bill that introduces very small incremental changes: I'm not referring to the fact that he undertook the effort. I wholeheartedly agree with addressing the healthcare issues both as a moral requirement and as an economic necessity. It isn't being constructed the way I would prefer and it is not the 'best' solution to the problem but it is all we can get AT THIS TIME.

    Other than that I think that Obama is doing a pretty good job. He, following Bush's footsteps, stopped the economic free-fall and put in place a firm foundation to get the economy going again. Hopefully, these efforts will kick into high gear come 2011.

    He has pushed through laws that protect the consumer from predetory practices of lending institutions, he has opened up federal funding for stem cell research, called off the Gestpo-like DEA from pursuing marijuana dispensaries in states where it is legal, he's been in talks with Cuba and hopefully will remove the stupid embargo rules within a year, and he has re-established America's image across the world.

    Would I like to see him move faster and more liberally: absolutely. I'm sure he would like to do so too but he's "President", not "dictator".

    My main point is: give him some friggin' time !!! Also, compare him to the absolute intellectually & morally bankrupt fellow that we had from 2000-2008 and any clear-thinking American will see what a great President he will be.
  8. Good. You are on the path to redemption.

  9. Very nice!
  10. If you think that the healthcare bill will be "very small incremental changes" you clearly know nothing about it.

    For starters, do you have any idea what your deficit hawk president will add to the deficit? Any idea at all?

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