I voted for ..... because....

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Voted for and why?

  1. Obama because he is the man

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  2. Obama because he is the lesser evil of the two

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  3. McCain because he is the man

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  4. McCain because he is the lesser evil of the two

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  1. United States of Socialist America are upon us....

    curious how you voted and why?
  2. Last I checked, the republican party is just as (if not moreso) responsible and Paulson (who's idea it was to support wall street) is Bush's right hand man.

    Furthermore, socialism works in many ways much better than pure capitalism. Communism authoritarian dictatorship is not the same as socialism.
  3. I like Chuck Baldwin but I did write in Ron Paul here in Austin, TX! :cool:

    NO con job two party left/right paradigm blood on my hands!
  4. Agreed, under one premise though, there cant be too many freeloaders in the country....
  5. In other words it won't work here lol!
  6. clacy


    This country already practices socialism. I would argue that Barack and most Dems would like to push this further to the left, at which time you cross the breaking point.

    The top 10% of income earners pay 80% of the taxes. Serious question.....How much more of the load can the carry before it hurts the entire system?
  7. We're going from Socialism for the Rich to Socialism for the Poor. The upside is that the Republicans may get their heads out of their asses and start pushing small gov't again instead of stupid shit like stopping gay marriage and teaching creationism. Alternatively, the Repblicans could cease to exist and be replaced by the Libertarians.
  8. There are points here, but the best way to deal with the problem is cut the defense/offense budget 75% and go means-based (and age-limited) to entitlements.

    While republicans have talked light government spending, they've never recently executed. It all started downhill with Bush' $500B medicare drug entitlement program for seniors. That needs to be axed too.. Giant subsidy for the monied drug companies.

    (and figure, I voted for Obama! Maybe I'm really a libertarian with liberal social values...)
  9. clacy


    I agree with the exception of the defense spending cuts. We need military supremecy because the Russians, Chinese and Islamists would all love to have leverage over us.
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