I voted Democrat

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    I voted for Prop-25 in California which allows the state legislature to pass laws and apppropriate funds without republican input.

    Why would I do that?

    Let the Dems run California, let them be responsible for what happens.

    Its already started. Yesterday Moodys downgraded SanFran munis which will cost the city of San Fransisco millions of additional dollars in finance costs;


    Now the whole world can see what pure democratic corruption can do.

    How long before California starts seizing paycheck withholdings and creating special property tax assessments? How long before its illegal to wash your car or water your lawn in southern california? How long before other states refuse to sell us electricity because the state can't pay for it and we don't generate any power here? How long before all produce comes from Mexico and Brazil because no water is supplied to the central valley? How long before nobody bothers to register their cars because it cost as much as the car?

    When the streetlights go out in Los Angeles and the rioting starts I'll know I've done my patriotic duty in the name of social justice. :D
  2. A totally corrupt system to the stem.
    The ratings of the California State Congressmen is at an all time low yet 100% of were reelected.

    The cities of California are totally encrusted by layer after layer of corrupt Democratic politicians.
  3. when people can take off there democrat and republican visors thru which they view the world then maybe things will change. I dont blame the politicians for the mess were in,,ultimate blame rest with the american people who put these individuals in power. Until Americans take control back without allowing 87% of all incumbents to be reelected, like dingell from michigan been in office since 1955 or lugar in indiana since 1976. Until we as citizens take our duties seriously then how can we expect our representatives to take there duties seriously.
  4. the electronic voting process is largely rigged... so it's hard to blame citizens entirely...

  5. Because it made your leg tingle! :eek:

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    Here's the thing: All the public sector entities have spent and promised way, way more than they can ever pay... so the scenario is a big scramble to divvy up a diminishing resource, that resource being the public sector money... Mexicans are doing great at that in California. They control a lot of the bureaucracy that doles out housing and welfare money. Illegals can get housing in a week and white older women that I know are waiting years for it!! The public employees unions won't back down and they will ride the State into complete abject bankruptcy screaming all the way down about what they want... I really think that this is what the Left wants, all of us fighting over a diminishing resource and looking to the Public Sector as our salvation.. prison planet here we come, whee! Look at us, how strong and rebellious we all are!!
  7. I hope that the USA breaks apart like the Soviet Union did. CA, AZ, and NM could all go to Mexico, The Eastern seaboard above VA could do whatever it wanted. We could get rid of DC, Wall st, and big hollywood all in one fell swoop. Then actually secure the borders...