I virtually allow for no drawdown...or I trade out...

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  1. I virtually allow for no drawdown...or I trade out...do not like to see more than (-)$200.00 in the RED against me...mostly never even hits (-)$100.00 before I trade out...anyone else trade without allowing vitually any drawdowns...BUT...this is a KEY aspect of HIGHSPEED MOMENTUM TRADING!
  2. Sounds like a way to die by a thousand small cuts. Sometimes the minute you get out is when the market turns back in your direction.
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    have u ever traded a stock in your life?
    why dont u post some snapshots of your order fills?
  4. you're as mad as a march hare.
  5. Yes, if you are trying to catch high momentum situations, you shouldn't find yourself out of the money if you know what you are doing. There are times during the day that, if you watch closely, you know if so and so price is touched, we should get a strong move off of that price immediately (or shortly thereafter). Now, the length (ticks) of the move and how long it lasts (time) are variable so its very important to watch for feedback confirming the momentum.

    alot of it for me is feel after i enter on these trades, once you've seen them enough you get a sense of which ones are good and which ones are marginal.

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    Maybe you should "increase now" your stops.

  7. thanks...great answer!!!