I"ve Been Cramerized :(

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  1. Just bought into EDR a week ago after closing out my BED as my dividend stock and that fat freak mentions it.

    I'm not sure whether to hold out the dump or not, I bought this for my dividend stock. I did not even get a chance to get all the shares I wanted. This is a good play, Im not sure whether there will be a shake out sell.

    Whoever has been cramerized also, what did you do?
  2. was the first time i was caught in the right position but at the wrong time because of a recommendation in the media - cnbc... was short Wet seal (pretty big size for me), in the summer of last year.... doing a swing trade. all of a sudden one day rips against me like almost 20%... later find out it was featuered on cnbc...

    anyway to make a long story short, was forced to close that trade out at around the HOD... and ended up as one of the biggest losses... (im not a large trader, but still huge loss for me)... IRONY of the story is that i think a week later, it crashed and went to breakeven, and another few weeks after that would've been a nice gain$

    now i look back and think what a risky trade that was... but at the time i was intent on calling the top /bottom of that stock... i got cocky after i bought it at like 60cents and sold at $1.00 the year before... but then felt kinda stupid after it ripped close to $2 a few days later... so i wanted to get back at it... lol.

    i'll attach the chart too... there was a time when i couldnt even look at this chart.
  3. Cramer's just another voice in the crowd. Yes, he does have a following that will pump up a stock as soon as it is discussed by him, but I have found that is usually short lived. If you have good ideas that are formulated on sound principles and values that you can trust, you should do just fine in your investments regardless what the Mr. Market throws at you on a daily basis. If the story behind your decision to enter a position is still viable, you should know how to deal with any of the bumps along the way. I have found that the best way to deal with Cramer and his minions is just to ignore them. One of the most important traits of a good trader is knowing how to turn down and tune out the noise of the markets.

    Good luck and good trading!
  4. most cramer pumps dont open up much more that 1-1.5 the next day. i would put a gtc up a buck and see if any cramerites take you out at the open tomorrow.
  5. I got Boo-Yahed by Cramer last thursday. Lost 3 points on 4000 HANS when that fat bastard came on the CNBC Stop Trading segment and said "now is the time to take profits".

    Funny thing is he actually recommended HANS on his radio show that afternoon and then said to sell it on CNBC two hours later.

    Real shady. Cramer owes me a check for 12 large. :mad:
  6. I have actually been quite fortunate with Cramer....Since his show started I have owned 43 equities before he mentioned it on his show....I have never added to or opened new position after he mentioned it......I Play the Cramer 3 Day rule......After three days or at the end of the 3rd Day..... I usually Decrease my position by half with the intention of picking it back up later when prices/irrational exuberance come back to reality....

    For some reason I think me and his researchers are always looking at the same thing's .....Past 10 Days very odd 8 recommendations that were sitting in my portfolio....

    Most recent Today----AVNX, Friday----FNSR, Thurs.----VNO, WED---ATHR, last 2 weeks---GWR, last 2 weeks--CENX, last 2 weeks---JOYG, last 2 weeks---VPHM

    Some other's to name a few over his 1st year....TTM, RDY, IBN, BOT, NDAQ, ISE, ICE, OS, WPSC, ADM, AL, ATI, BA, BHP, CAT, CENX, CHK, EOG, CIEN, CL, PG, CME, CX, DOW, DE, ESRX, FCX, FDG, GG, GGB, GILD, HW, KNBWY, KYO, LM, LR, MON, MO, MT, N, NBL, NBR, RAIL, RTP, UARM

    These are just the ones currently still in the portfolio...Most have all been sold at irrational prices and bought back much lower at later times....Like today UARM bought 26.40---but sold before earnings release at 39.20....
    One thing I have learned is if he pumps it close to it's earnings release you should be very cautious that the upside may have already been priced in or over priced in by the day of the release...UARM perfect example of a stock with no upside left going into earnings and when they missed it was a disaster...I was sitting in under ARMOR CASH..with a 70% gain that day:D :D

    If you have read this far you would be interested in my Journal!!!


    2006 Portfolio gains=+33%
    Over 175 current positions (Very Diversified throughout the world)
    Daily Excel Sheets with all transactions for Day and all of 2006
    Portfolio size=9.1 MIL (as of 3/13/06)
    Averaging =75% profitable transactions for 2006

  7. Sorry to hear that man....he has cost me plenty of money, too, though, never that much.

    Good luck working your way out of it.
  8. citrus


    He'll tell you exactly how to make money! I thought stocks were tough until I started listening to him. Actually a lot of commentators have really great ideas. I've never gone wrong with them. Maybe you're just listening wrong?
  9. ROFL.....Hahahahahahaha....whoa, that was really funny. :D
  10. did you sell the open? it would have worked well.
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