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  1. Flying in after hours. This could easily be a double or more-


    World-scale status of Ivanhoe Energy's Pungarayacu heavy-oil field in Ecuador confirmed by new independent review

    "The new review, prepared by leading industry consultant Gaffney, Cline Associates (GCA), of Houston, Texas, concludes that the Pungarayacu Project contains a Best Estimate of 6.4 billion barrels of original oil-in-place. Based on a review of data from 27 wells drilled during the early 1980s by Petroproduccion, the report submitted by GCA contains a range of estimates from a low of 4.3 billion barrels to a high of 12.1 billion barrels of original oil-in-place."

    "Several large international oil companies already have approached Ivanhoe Energy Latin America and expressed serious interest in participating in the project."