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Discussion in 'Politics' started by buhlly88, Mar 5, 2008.

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    The value of our Dollar is shrinking. However, we can't place the blame entirely on the FED. The FED's policies do help decrease the value of the dollar, but I don't believe it's the primary factor.

    Both Republicans and Democrats spend like crazy. Our trade deficit is out of control. Out tax system does not encourage businesses to stay in the country. All of these factors including the FED drives down the value of the Dollar.

    I used to be a Republican but can no longer support this party. Libertarian is my party of choice now. We must reject socialism and embrace limiting government and private charity.
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    OK, you're a socialist democrat with one post trying to convince republicans to go libertarian. My money is on Ralph Nader, he is going to win big this time, you watch.......
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    Since Ron Paul is out of the picture McCain is your only option. Not great I grant you but at least he is pro growth unlike the either of the Dems. The lesser of three evils.
  4. Don't blame the trade deficit on either party. We have a huge trade gap, and will continue to, because Americans are the only people as a Nation that consume like there is no tomorrow.

    The trade gap is a cultural thing. It has almost nothing to do with trade laws. That crap is just political posturing.

    BTW, we are losing so many manufacturing jobs because of productivity, not NAFTA. Productivity is up a whopping 66% in last decade. That means 66% less workers needed for a given level of output. Nothing wrong with our trade laws.

    BTW, I used to be a republican also, now an Indy. Its the spending that drove me away. Republicans used to be the fiscally responsible party. Obviously, not anymore.
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    The trade deficit could be easily resolved with a change in our tax policy. If we implemented the fair tax (fairtax.org) then businesses would rush into the U.S., because there would be no corporate tax. It would do wonders for the economy as domestic investment would sky rocket. But our current tax system encourages businesses to invest overseas.
  6. We have a republican party that no longer reflects our values and a democrat party that actively works to undermine them. What a choice.
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    There don't seem to be any real conservatives anymore. Maybe there never were..........

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