I use this screen for trading the emini Nasdaq Future

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Jeanmichel, Mar 24, 2002.

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    I respect the fact that you posted a possible trading system. Even if you posted the "HOLY GRAIL" the same folks would attack it. If you told em the sky is blue, they'd argue with you about that too. LOL That's just how some folks are on this board.

    I imagine some people that didn't post took your idea or some of it and will be trying it out on paper this week. As you can see though, some people still like to be spoonfed trades, instead of trying things out for themselves.

    Keep posting your ideas, as that is what this board is suppose to be about, dispite what it seems lately. :)
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  2. Jeanmichael's trading approach looks similar to approaches under discussion at a few spots I have found (particularly the SMAX system). Several of the list members of the groups/chatrooms listed below use Ensign and have created templates for use with that software utilizing this type of trading approach. Although they are using similar approaches, each individual seems to customize the approach to fit them, so I don't think many are using identical parameters. They are primarily trading NQ with these approaches as some say they don't work well on ES. The group congregates on paltalk, and a link is on www.dacharts.com .



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    Please try and understand the skeptical nature of those of
    us living in the US. We're a product of our environment.
    In the recent past, 1) we've had a president (Clinton) lie to
    us, 2) we're had Enron, where the top executives bailed out
    of their company with millions leaving the average stock
    holder with nothing and most recently, 3) the incidents of young
    children being taken advantage of, when in the care of
    Catholic clergy. Trust is in short supply here.

    Don't give up posting. I, for one, appreciate your post and
    would like to know more about your method. I look forward
    to any response to my previously posted questions. (You can
    PM me, if you like).

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  4. Skeptics live everywhere. It is actually a sign of intelligence. I
    wouldn't blame this on living in the USA...

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    This whole debate would be done with if the guy just answered the questions that everyone had asked him:

    1. How long have you been trading for?

    2. How often do you trade?

    3. What is the average trade size?

    Since he refuses to provide any details about his trading history - it is only fair to question his results.

    I can honestly say that I made more than $100,000 in 2 months. However if I do not tell you anything else about my trading style and history, you would be none the wiser.

    Caveat emptor.
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  7. rickty


    I thought I see how Jeanmichel's approach would have worked
    on todays S&P e-mini in the morning. See attached chart.
    With the assumption that entry occurs at the close of the 1-min.
    bar where MACD crosses the center line and exit occurs at the
    maximum excursion from this point (this indicates the maximum
    points one could obtain), I obtained the following:
    Time     Long/Short         Entry Price        Max. possible points
    -----  --------------         -------------         -------------------------
    9:31       Long                    1151                   2.25
    9:49       Short                   1151.5                2.25
    10:23     Long                    1149.5                1.5
    10:31      Short                    1148.75              7.25  
    It's a very limited data set, so I'll leave any conclusions you'd like
    to make up to you.

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  8. So let's see -

    Some guy tosses out an idea about a trading system he thinks works well. He's apparently not selling anything or seeking to make a buck off it - just posting his idea, saying that so far he's doing really well with it and asking what people think.

    Then a number of apparently disgruntled posters jump all over the poor guy with the pretense of expressing supposedly constructive "skepticism" or asserting that there must be a problem because the guy hasn't layed out his whole trading history.

    What's up with that?? If he was claiming great successes and then offering to sell his magical system, then it would constructive skepticism. In this case, it's just foolish bashing serving no constructive purpose.

    If you don't like the guy's idea, ignore it. If you're doubtful his idea works, run your own backtest on his idea and confirm or dispel his short term views about it. If you've got something constructive to add to his idea, toss it out.

    But post after post of superfulous bashing and questioning Jeanmichel's motivations (especially by some people who have had little intelligent or useful to add in any of their posts anywhere on the board) isn't constructive nor is blind negativity (just to supposedly "balance" other positive comments) providing any service.
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  9. The majority of people on this forum are nice human beings. But us assholes got a job to do too. Ying and Yang. You would not know you were so nice if not for us.:)
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  10. you don't have to be nice ...but do you have to be so stupid?? :confused:
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