I use this screen for trading the emini Nasdaq Future

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Jeanmichel, Mar 24, 2002.

  1. tom_p


    sasha1 : If he can make 20 points on the NDX every day...... that's 10 contracts - $2K a day - $10K a week... you do the math!

    FasterPussycat : No sasha, YOU do the math. BEFORE you criticize. That's the point.

    Looks like I'll have to do the math. 10 contracts = $4K a day (not $2K).
    FasterPussycat, don't I know you from somewhere?
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  2. stevet


    i dont feel that negativity about any posts is a bad thing, especialy a) if it gives a balance to positive commnents so that any new trader does not get the wrong idea, b) it provokes further thought, c) supports the idea of democracy

    my postive comment would be that i would love to make 20 pts off a mechanical system every day, and my negative thought is that anyone who believes this is possible with the use of a 4 x 1 min ema as one on the parameters on a futures index must be living in belgium
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  3. Miki


    I would disagree with the statements that this board is negative in welcoming the new members, their ideas and contributions.

    This board is cautious.

    It is unfortunately the fact of life that most people are giving you something because they want something from you.

    The anonymous nature of this board allows people to hide their true intentions.

    If somebody is giving me something I will say thanks, but I would want to know also why.

    Is it in your nature to give and share your good fortune with others?

    The time will tell.

    So, for the moment, Jeanmichele, thanks.
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  4. To all the guys of EliteTrader,

    I thougt this was a site to learn something. I learn each day
    and my system is not the HOLY GRAIL but it is WELL WORKING !!!

    The guys who are negative, have you an other system to make money ??? Please let me know how you do it.

    It is very easy to be negative.

    This system works in every market (Stocks, Options, Futures)
    Please give it a
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  5. If you use the 3 EMA's to enter and the stop/loss indicator
    to stop out, then what is the Parabolic SAR and MACD used for?
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  6. pretzel


    The MACD is just a duplication of the 3 EMA cross-over since the parameters are the same (4/18). Entry signal is just a simple crossover (bowtie pattern).

    Exit signal is not clearcut - based on parabolic SAR or something else?

    jeanmichel, can you be more specific on the exit pts?

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  7. Jean Michael,

    What do you use the Parabolic for? How do you calculate your stops in the last chart?

    What options have you had this work on? We have a similiar system that works on equities and futures but scratches on options.
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  8. Jean Michael,

    Are you using the third chart as a trailing profit stop for you exit?
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  9. It's very tough to be intelligent.


    No offense babe, but if you put it up, you better be ready to defend it. :cool:
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  10. cartm


    i saw something similiar to this in active trader wout the psar, did not have an out strategy think landry wrote it imo too easy to get chopped out in this but maybe im wrong good luck with it
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