I use this screen for trading the emini Nasdaq Future

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Jeanmichel, Mar 24, 2002.

  1. rickty


    I've looked at your chart, but I'm not sure how you're arriving
    at the above numbers. It may help if you could tell us the
    equations for your stop-loss indicator. I see that you also
    have (thinner) green and yellow lines drawn with this indicator.
    What do they represent?

    Also, I'm still not clear how you're using the parabolic SAR?

    I appreciate you posting your method, I'd just like to get
    sufficient information so that I can see how it performs paper
    trading it.

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  2. Oh Sorry. Forgive us for question the truthfullness of someone who claims to have a money printing machine and is looking for feedback on his system( not sure why he would be posting otherwise??) on a message board.
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  3. tom_p


    Agree with you about not ridiculing Jeanmichel. Just wondering, though, whether you were on all fours when you submitted your first post less than 12 hours ago :D

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  4. oneway


    You should get a load of the vitriol that I got from Jen on another thread to a blatantly sarcastic and humorous remark.

    As a result, I was told by Jen that I was a crappy trader, obnoxious....etc...unreal
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  5. ...what are you doing here? Are you here contributing useful info, or here just to post contentless drivel? This is a board devoted to trading is it not? You seem surprised that someone might, just might want to discuss a trading method on a board devoted to the same. Gee what a surprise huh? Amazing isn't it. Actual talk about trading on Elite Trader, whatever could happen next? Instead of evoking the automatic knee jerk response "everything posted here must be BS", why don't you take a few minutes and actually read what the post. You can't decide the "truthfulness" of the post until you evaluate the method now can you. But alas, it is infinitely easier to just say "oh it must be BS".
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  6. The negativity on this board absoulutely sucks. This guy isn't selling anything, and there are several people jumping all over him. If he wins 20 points everyday, that is great.

    All this board is good for anymore is a bunch of losers bitching and moaning. It used to be very good educational tool, but all jackasses like easyrider want to do is cry.

    easy, you are a complete jerk.
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  7. sasha1


    I agree with cdntrader - what is the point of this post? This guy has either been trading for 2 days or is a fake. If he can make 20 points on the NDX every day - even if he has a measly $10K in his trading account (most people have more) - with daytrading margins - that's 10 contracts - $2K a day - $10K a week... you do the math!
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  8. No sasha, YOU do the math. BEFORE you criticize. That's the point.

    What is the guy doing here you ask? Well, I'll ask you ...what are YOU doing here? Are you here to post good info and talk trading, or is this just a social stop for you?
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  9. sasha1


    just killing time I guess.
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  10. i guess.....
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