I use this screen for trading the emini Nasdaq Future

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    seems like adobe PDF format did not go well on this posting so here is the excel file for TOMORROW 9April 2) support /resistance
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  2. Thanks for the s/r levels. I'd be interested in how they have done over the last week or two. Can we get a look at sheets for the last couple weeks? I currently use a formula with 2 levels which don't even come close to matching up with your numbers. How are these derived? Thanks

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    came out real bad...here is the attachement
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    The following is an update I just sent my clients:

    Dear Clients,

    The following are some support and resistance updates as of 9:40 AM pacific time courtesy of Al Bicoff and Technical Analytics (www.technicalanalytics.com ).

    For point of reference, please look at the original numbers that subscribers receive before the market opens at the end of this e-mail. (as an attachment)

    Any questions - let me know and I will be happy to help.

    M (June) S&P High is 1120.00. 3* (***) Support became Resistance at 1120!!
    1111.00 is the Low. 5* Support is 1112.00!!

    M Nasdaq Opened below a 5* Support at 1371.00 foreshadowing weakness!!
    1348 is the low and the 2nd support!!

    M Dow made a low of 10,100. 5* is 10,100!!
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    Congratulations ! However :

    I started for the first time from my own j. yen intraday system, relatively simple, based on my own oscilator. A that time I had no software giving me longer perspective than year backwards or so. After a year, when I was playing with 20 contracts and the losses started growing. I stopped whole trading.
    The market pattern my trading was based on, lasted only for two years and after that was gone, never showed up back again.
    While I tried many more concepts regarding daytrading after that, my opinion is that due to nature of daytrading You have to move in the "noise" of market, so patterns may come and go. That`s why those who say You can make money daytrading futures are right, and those who say You can`t they are right as well.
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    I would recommend for any one who trades across the board to check out Linda bradford raschke website and chat at:

    www.mrci.com/lbr/ I will be happy to set anyone who is interested for a 3 days free trial.

    Linda make realtime calls and TEACHES as well, here is an example from this morning:

    "When a market returns back into its box after a false breakout to one side - look for a test of the opposite side of the box. Yesterday was a wide range trend day - today should be 2-day consolidation trading in the morning."
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  8. Not following you Longshot. It just so happens that you are pulling up threads that are interesting and somewhat out of circulation. I cannot say I have ever seen JeanMichael post.

    Anyway, I feel I can immediately see what the concept is behind his method just from the post previous to yours. And it is very sound. It wouldn't surprise me a bit if the profits have decreased from then until now. But the method works.

    Not many folks can pick up a guitar for the very first time and sound like Eric Clapton. Neither could Eric Clapton. Did the guitar suck, or did he?

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  9. It doesn't matter. Each and every single point on the NQ is $20!!!
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