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  1. I want to start trading fX but am frustrated by all the horrable reviews of being ripped off, it seems like every broker is a crook, I been reading a book"the ten esentials of foreX trading" by Jared F. Martinez. His trading site is I-tradefX.com and they teach you about there MTI system. Are they OK to start with? how about the advertising brokers on this forumn are they Ok (fXcm,gftforeX,fX-auto.com) I want to try 100,000 dollar lot, I guess I could put up 2,000$. I wanted to trade maybe the dollar and yen, or euro. catch a uptrend for a day or two and see if I can get any pips. Please help me out here every broker I read about sounds like a nightmare:confused:
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  3. You've got what it takes to go far in this business.

  4. I am still liearning, I am going to do alot more studying, I am trying to find some places to trust and then Ill be able to see how it goes, and then study some more, I will start smaller than what I said at first, untill i feel more comfortable with the price movements and how the tranactions play out. I do have a lot to learn, but i wanted to start with someplace i dont have to worry bout getting ripped off while Im trying to learn.
  5. Thankyou Jacob42, does anyone else use cbfX ??
  6. I subscribed to CBFX as I liked their demo, and it was easy to execute trades. I applied for a live account, and it was nothing but requotes and non-fills. Sometimes, I would place a market order, it would sit in the orders window for 5 minutes (while the price went in my favour) then fill you on a bounce. WTF? They use every bucket-shop trick in the book to take your money - requote, price-freezing, price-shading. If you are a news trader or scalper, they will not let you trade. Be warned. Avoid.

    maybe I wont try these guys
  7. that was a quote I found not my own words