I Trade To Be Entertained

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by PPT, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. PPT


    Who doesn't like the red and green candles, all the different colors of the moving averages, volume, etc..

    in fact, the more indicators i put on my screen, the more i feel as if i'm a professional.

    level 2, nice

    time and sales, it's a mind drug.

    it's like my own little vegas


    who doesn't like to show off their trading screen.

    my point is: focus on the money, keep it boring

    if you can't handle boredom, quit
  2. sumeet666


    true, but boredom is only achieved after years of excitement...
  3. PPT


    There is no question this "entertainment" factor cost me tens of thousands.

    I just want one noobie to read this and say.....

    "Ah, I should slow down, be more methodical, relax, keep the heart rate low, become a little more un-emotional, and stick to my plan."

    Who didn't/doesn't like the opening when the entire screen lights up.

    After years of that, I'm fine missing 5,000 moves in 5,000 stocks.

    There are plenty of opportunities