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  1. i mean any equity..today i played DWSN. was filled pre-mkt at 37.50.i put in a bid as soon as they realeased strong earnings and guidence..the chart said resistance at 39 so i put in a sell at 38.90 and was filled almost as soon as the market opened..the stock wound up going over 41 but i don't care,i made 1.40 on 700 shares in about 20 minutes..i was filled a little after 9 and put in a sell immediately..it was an obvious swing but i cannot let the fact that it ran another 2 points bother me. tomorrow i will be looking at BRKS and IVAC. BOTH POSTED GREAT NUMBERS AND RAISED GUIDENCE SIGNIFICANTLY..brks IS A SEMI EQUIPMANT NAME. SEMI equipment is out of favor but i think BRKS gets a quick short covering bounce... i also like FEIC but i played it after hours. i bought at 27.50(up 2 points after hours) and sold at 28.30. only 500 shares.. it went to almost 29. anyway,i go where the momo is.in trading,i am a firm believe in a catalyst.gotta be careful trading earnings,thats a volitile time. i never ever buy or short into a report.i wait for the release and then wait for the smoke to clear in order to see where it wants to go. same with upgardes.i also like breakout plays on volume...look for TROW to continue higher tomorrow.for it to be a legit breakout,it needs follow through tomorrow or else its a fake out...
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    Did you put in a single bid for 700 shares? Tia