I trade ES with a 1/2 point stop loss, you?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by stock777, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. just asking
  2. how do you ever make any money with a 1/2 point stop loss?...seriously...don't you always get stopped out?...have to be near perfect picking the direction to not get stopped out...correct?
  3. ?????????????
  4. Your broker must love you.

  5. 777, why do you delight in "National Enquirer" kind of leading questions all the time?

    "I am 140 years old, and got here by smoking and drinking to excess."

    "I was abducted by an alien and lived to tell about it."

    Get over it. Stop trying to be sensationalist.
  6. 777 is such a clown... maybe if he were using limits and scalping you could use a 2 tick stop, but that is not the way 777 trades (or loses).
  7. mde2004


    stock777 you are an idiot. Those stops would be hit every time loser.
  8. MrPaul


    I trade it with 1 tick stop loss

  9. skim


    Me too.

    Occasionally I'll go to a 1 point stop loss, but not often.
  10. i trade with 1.5-2 point stop loss, 2 ticks is rediculous
    #10     Aug 19, 2007