I took a swing at RIOT

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Tarzan, Sep 15, 2021 at 10:12 AM.

  1. Tarzan


    Anyone looking at it ? RIOT
    I am in at 29.30 with a tight stop loss.
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  2. deaddog


    Based on what?

    I see no reason to enter a trade here.
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  3. maxinger


    It is time for the ET administrator to charge the thread
    creator > $10K for creating a new thread unless

    - it is created in the Journal
    - it is of great beneficial / useful value to newbies and oldies
    - the newbies are asking for help

    If nothing is done, Tarzan will be creating millions of new threads soon.
    Notice that Tarzan has been creating tons and tons of new threads.
    There ought to be a better vetting system.

    Anyway, Tarzan, I am not the administrator.
    So you can create tons and tons of new threads.

    Next new thread, please. Go ahead and create tons of new threads.
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  4. Tarzan


    well, A firm just raised the target on RIOT to 80 from 52. That note will shake up some shorts. That just came out. $30 should be a magnet. Worst case, it makes the move tomorrow.
    I also have a stop in place.
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  5. Tarzan


    my threads are helpful. I gave you guys 3 stocks pre market on a silver platter.
  6. maxinger



    as long as the administrator didn't stop you,

    it means you can create millions of new threads.

    So by all means, go ahead and do it.
  7. deaddog


    Where's the stop?
  8. vanzandt


    BYD is up decent today.
    I was gonna point it out yesterday when the casino stocks sold off. That was because of Macau and fears of the new Covid breakout in China.
    Boyd is all US exposure and they are spread out across quite a few states. Their casino's are packed.
    $58 is a good price. I think it'll run towards $70 as earnings approach.
    Its been down here in the mid $50's for a while now. Its time has come I think.
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  9. BYD chart... a reasonable technical speculation, IMV.
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  10. Tarzan


    as I said $30 “ was a magnet “.. im out. I hope some of you others made some money. it hung around that 29.30 area for a while.
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