I told you there was "NO FEAR"

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    nice find....

    It has now been all time record 901 days since the Dow has had a 2 percent down day. The VIX index published by the CBOE measuring stock investors fear is at 15 year lows. The index fell to 9.39 on December 15th. Its all time record low was 9.31 in December 1993. Only 8 times in history has it closed below 10 and 3 of those times happened in the last two months.
  2. I think EqtTdr is my favorite trader on the board. I know he is cynical of the whole no risk idea, but he's on the right side of the market.
  3. Hey rubberburd,

    Do you have any thoughts on an SP top?
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    May be in 2008 or 9. After 50%-100% nostop run.
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    there is going to be a top, where and when is anyones guess.

    reminds me of when everyone was trying to pick a bottom this past summer.
  6. How about in a few months, a la 1st quarter '00?
  7. It is really is unrelenting. And it seems to have zero common theme. Just buy everything. The CB around the world are so scared to pop this thing that the markets have just taken over. After the ECB didnt raise rates the DAX sky rocketed.
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    What was last day Dow was down 2% or more?
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